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Rosanna Baccari 

Professional Photographer

   In the industry professionally since 2004 and continues to shoot special events, weddings, portraits and more! Attended Antonelli Institute of Photography & Graphic Design and completed in 2006. Creating still images of  life's special moments is a privilege and I love being able to create lifetime memories. My passion for photography began in my early childhood by posing and photographing my stuffed animals and dolls. Over the years, I have worked for talented photographers and high volume studios and gained a lot of great experience. I am thankful for all of my wonderful clients who trust me to document their significant milestones. 

   The photo of me was taken years ago by my dear friend who left us too soon. He loved photography and we shot many events and portrait sessions together. I am grateful for all of the photos of him that I have taken over the years. Photographs of those we have lost are so very precious. 

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